2019. October 4.
Arthur Hunt Office, H-1075 Budapest, Madách I. street. 13-14. B/2.
Training fee
60.000 HUF / person

Creativity, Innovation, Imagination, Renewal:

These are the basic concepts that define our lives in today’s world. Corporations, businesses and individuals must accommodate to changes. Furthermore, they need to start making proactive efforts to change in order to remain in balance, be effective and grow.
We all once had creativity and have it still, even if we do not always know how to use it.
The Creators of Mindplay™ have elaborated a method and created a couple of handy tools to unleash the imaginative and creative ability of everyone in the company to generate ideas, innovate and solve complex problems.
In this coaching masterclass, we provide you an insight into how the imagination works and also show you the tools that you will be able to put to use for you, for your clients and for your business.
This coaching masterclass is perfect for business and life coaches, leaders and managers who want to develop their existing coaching skills and increase performance.
Our aim is to help you learn and understand proven imaginative and creative coaching techniques, develop your skillsets and increase your success.

By attending this masterclass you will:

  • Expand your coaching skills
  • Help your coachees access untapped inner resources
  • Provide greater value and benefits from coaching
  • Deliver exceptional, lasting results

More details:

Building on your current coaching expertise, you’ll discover how to take your clients and teams to greater success, find solutions to complex problems and inspire others to achieve their full potential.

By incorporating imagination and creativity methodologies into the coaching models that you use, this coaching masterclass will equip you to guide individuals and teams and stimulate the thinking necessary to unlock their untapped creativity, find high-impact solutions and inspire results-driven action.

Decades of research have proven that imagination and creativity generate richer options for:

  • Setting clear goals
  • Expanding and exploring possibilities
  • Asking the right questions
  • Challenging limiting beliefs
  • Finding solutions to complex problems
  • Inspiring commitment to action

What can you expect?

At the end of the masterclass you can expect to:

  • Expand your understanding of imagination and creativity in the context of coaching
  • Learn a variety of imaginative and creative coaching tools and techniques
  • Connect these tools to the coaching models that you currently use
  • Apply these techniques in your coaching practice immediately

Who is the masterclass for?

This masterclass is suitable for in-house or independent coaches, leaders or managers who are experienced in applying coaching techniques in their roles.


Chris Corbin

Chris Corbin is one of the co-founders of Mindplay™. As a coach, trainer and consultant, he has worked with organizations in every sector and across the globe for over 30 years. He is driven by his passion to make a positive, lasting difference.

Over the past few years, Chris recognized that, in many organizations, the pressures of the modern workplace resulted in a lack of opportunity for people to bring their imaginations to problem solving. He noticed that the sessions on his workshops that made most impact, engaged the audience and were most ‘human’ were those that involved creativity. This led to the development of a dedicated offer that is Mindplay™.


Zita Németh

Training is taught by Zita Németh, work and organizational psychologist. Zita has over 10 years of experience in leadership and executive coaching, complex leadership development and talent management, which provides participants the ability to master the most adaptable and current knowledge. Her working languages are English, German, Hungarian. She has an excellent track record and feedback history as a trainer and coach.


Aessionals working in the business world and want to use hands-on, practical tools to develop their.

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