2020. 4. February
2020. 5. February
Arthur Hunt Office, H-1075 Budapest, Madách I. street. 13-14. B/2.
Training fee
110.000 HUF + TAX

Training for managers

Management 3.0 is an agile based leadership development methodology, which supports leadership tasks by providing practical leadership tools. (delegation poker, motivation cards). It also uses the visualization of the agile methodologies.

The focuses of the theory:

  • Involve people
  • Develop their systems and culture
  • Focus on customer satisfaction
  • Manage the whole system not the individuals alone (changes in the system and culture have an impact on the behaviour of the individuals)
  • Co-create the work

Management 1.0
Leaders assume that improvement of the whole requires monitoring, repairing, and replacing the parts.

Management 2.0
Everyone recognizes that “”people are the most valuable assets” and that managers have to become “servant leaders”. But, at the same time, managers prefer to stick to the hierarchy.

Management 3.0
Some people think of an organization as a community or a city. In a community or city, everyone is (partly) responsible for contributing to its success and a few are responsible for the whole.

DAY 01

  • Manage the system, not the people - why mgmt 3.0?
  • What does it take to be a manager?
  • Communication basics on task management, harmonization of interpretation framework
  • Challenges of Engagement and Motivation, the CHAMPFROGS
  • Listening – to the real content
  • Apprecitation that creates value: KUDO cards

DAY 02

  • Tasks of the leader: time management, delegation, empowerment: delegation poker
  • Setting goals – performance evaluation basics
  • Facilitating groups, managing meetings
  • Powerful feedback that develops with a safe to fail environment of Growth mindset


Aessionals working in the business world and want to use hands-on, practical tools to develop their.

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