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The uncertainty caused by the COVID-19 pandemic affects everyone. We need to face certain new situation, in which our usual coping reactions may not help us to overcome this difficult period.

Continuous stress can force us to dive deep into our negative emotions and often we feel that we are overwhelmed by the challenges of our daily lives and need something to help us through this.

Fortunately, RESILENCE, our ‘muscle against stress’ is not just a matter of aptitude. It is, just like a muscle, a capability that can be developed and through this we can increase our stress-bearing capacity and the effectiveness of our response to potential crises. There are several theories and methods available to develop and improve our ability to become a „roly-poly”.

Our online resilience training is intensive and offers bitesize support in 2-3 hours sessions, with blocks that build on each other. It is designed to help employees quickly and efficiently process and understand their reactions and emotions and then actively develop their resilience. In our online course, clients can learn what we mean by resilience and they will be able to try out practical methods and tools in the online safe place.


Block 1: Resilience and stress

  • What do we experience? What’s inside us? What does it take to understand what we are feeling?
  • What is Resilience and How Can Strengthening it Help?
  • First step: accepting the situation – what happens to us?
  • Personal story – building confidence in abilities

Block 2: Develop Resilience

  • Finding meaning and purpose, setting goals
  • Discovering the opportunities in difficulty
  • Developing problem solving techniques
  • Tools for taking care of ourselves

Block 3: Re-framing and growth

  • Mastering the Growth Mindset
  • Focus on steps
  • Changing the narrative
  • Facing fears
  • Self-compassion – self-evaluation

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