Éva GombásManaging Partner

    About Me

    Eva has been playing a key role in developing the client and service portfolio of Arthur Hunt Group since joining the firm in 2005. In recent years, she has successfully completed multiple senior-level executive search assignments in nearly all sectors, having accumulated particularly strong expertise in the areas of High Technology & Digital Services and Consumer Goods.

    Although her family base is in Budapest, Eva travels extensively across the CEE region and is involved in senior hirings and consultancy projects on a regional level. She is passionate about new technology and the role of HR in our transforming world and economy. Her personal mission is to advise and support companies and individuals to leverage their talent potential, reach organizational and personal goals and adapt in our fast-paced and permanently changing business ecosystem.

    Alongside her professional career as an HR consultant, Eva is working on her PhD thesis on digital entrepreneurship and enjoys life, travel and arts with her family and friends.