Zsuzsanna CsornaiLTT specialist, Trainer, ACC Coach

    About Me

    Zsuzsanna joined Arthur Hunt in 2018 as a research analyst. She has gained a variety of different professional experience over her career. Zsuzsanna gained her insight into the multicultural business environment as a marketing specialist for Colgate-Palmolive Hungary, where she had the opportunity to use her communications skills with partners and assist in the creation of a marketing strategy, which allowed her to develop a sophisticated understanding of business best practice. Previously, Zsuzsanna worked for the Hungarian Institute for Foreign Affairs and Trade as a project manager, and undertook national and international projects with international and Hungarian partners and researchers concerning international politics and research & development. During this period, Zsuzsanna was able to practice and develop her organizational skills. In addition to overseeing a variety of tasks, an important part of her work was to show empathy and find the appropriate tone with a wide variety of different people.

    Zsuzsanna is passionate about finding and developing talented people, which is why she completed a life and business coaching course in order to gain a better understanding of human nature on the basis of empirical evidence and various methodologies. Her hobbies include tango, yoga and discovering different cultures.