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“Development is about transforming the lives of people, not just transforming economies.”

We offer integrated solutions to Hungarian and international companies who realized that business strategy and corporate talent management are most successful when managed together.

We believe that organizational development means more than the development of the organizational structure. Our precisely assessed and company-tailored solutions have an impact on the activities, operations and culture of the entire organization.

With our solutions, we provide our customers with a competitive advantage by making the company better suited, more aware and more efficient managers and employees.

Our services

Leadership developmentHR consulting and organizational developmentCorporate transformationLeadership profile diagnosis: AC and DC solutionsTalent management and solutionLearning and DevelopmentFrom onboarding to outplacementWorkforce diagnostics

Leadership Mindset & Development

Development and tranformation of senior or medior leadership competencies and mindset (both team and individual level) in order to making them capable to initiate, manage and execute real, business impact, people and strategic related challanges in a rapidly changing business environment.

  • Development of senior leaders
  • Development of middle managers
  • Executive Coaching

HR strategy and HR team development

People&Culture function (HR) is playing an indisputable and critically important role in all organizational, transformational changes. Design, develop, support or consult with us for making this function capable to lead and drive changes for business and people efficiency.

  • HR Strategy & HR Team consultancy & development
  • Organizational diagnosis and development plan preparation
  • Competency model building

Organizational Transformation & Change Management

What do we mean by enterprise transformation?
Organizational transformation and change management is a process that aims to align corporate culture, mindset and capabilities with business strategy and ultimately to bring about a broad change in individual behavior and mindset that contributes to the transformation itself. This is what we help you do.

  • Culture Change
  • Acquisition and merger projects
  • Mission and vision formation

Executive & Leadership Assessment, Onboarding

Sofisticated and versatile dignostical solutions to identify, select, on-board managers on C, C-1 and C-2 levels. Providing objective and detailed pictures in a complex and challenging leadership decisions such as on-boarding new manager, promoting manager or changing manager.

  • AC: Leadership Profile Diagnosis for Selection
  • DC: Leadership Profile Diagnosis for Promotion
  • Management Audit
  • Onboarding Consultation

Talent and Succession Management

Organisational, cultural, managerial and/or social transformations in the service of sustainable performance. Map, assessment and development of Talents, Key Players to create better working environments by revealing individual and team potential.

  • Designing Talent Programs
  • Developing Talents.
  • Creating a Talent Pool

Learning and Development

Designing learning and development programs and solutions for enhancing soft skills, new skills (e.g. agile, hybrid, mindfullness, digital saviness) and personal competencies to meet our globalizing, demanding and changing business ecosystem.

Outplacement and career transformation service

Caring redundancy and career transformation service with a complex, individual focused support in a delicate situation of business life.

  • Outplacement Programs
  • Career Counseling / Career Coaching

Workforce diagnostics

Analytical framework to make efficient and data-driven business decisions by network analysis tool. Precisious understanding of organization (dymanic, evolution, challenges, network, patters, behaviour) in order to realize trends, predictions, advisory and solutions for many critical people and business related aspects: productivity, efficiency, transformation, innovation, replacement, engagement, performance and attrition.


In the course of our work, we strive to support our clients with a diverse portfolio of methodologies, among which we apply individual, group and whole-organization methodologies in a customized way.

  • Soft skill trainings
  • Team coaching
  • Action Learning Team Coaching
  • Workshops
  • Executive coaching
  • Career consulting
  • Organization diagnostics
  • Hogan Assessments Tools
  • Game Changer Index
  • ARPe
  • MTQ – Mental Toughness Questionnaire
  • GPOP© (Golden Profiler of Personality)
  • Saville Work Strengths


Emese Pálfi-Poczik

Senior Lead Ltt Consultant, Work And Organizational Psychologist, Coach

I gained my psychological experience during several years spent in clinical and mental hygiene, as well as in the course of work and organization psychology counseling. Within the organizational development environment, I gained experience mainly in talent management, selection and soft skills development. I have participated in a number of international leadership development and talent programs as a consultant and coordinated several programs myself. I have also supported organizational diagnosis and the organization of a proposal for organizational development as a junior consultant. I am highly interested in processes that shape organizational culture and development opportunities based on comprehensive organizational diagnostics.

As a coach, I concentrate on the strengths of my clients with a supportive and sensitive attitude. During coaching, I focus mainly on the here and the now, and I try to learn as much as I can from the situations that arise during the coaching process, and experience the strengths and opportunities inherent in the coaching process that give people the confidence they need to overcome the obstacles of everyday life.


  • Psychology master’s degree – Clinical and Health Psychology
  • Work and Organizational Psychology postgraduate degree (2017-2019)
  • Coach diploma
  • Hogan certified user (2018)
  • ARPe certified user (2016)

Professional expertise

  • AC/DC, talent management, organizational development
  • Leadership and talent development programs
  • Measuring management competencies
  • Organizational diagnostics and developmental plan

Some of my references

  • CCHBC Development programs (Trainings, Development Centres)
  • Bols Hungary (Assessment Centres)
  • Unicredit Bank Zrt (supporting Leadership development programs, )
  • Marsh & McLennan Austria (Leadeship Assessmet, selection process)
  • HBReavis (communication training)
  • Abbvie Hungary (talent program, outplacement program)
  • Lexmark Hungary (High Potential Leaders program, Outpalcement program)
  • WizzAir Hungary (coordination of development programs)
Adrienn Óré

LTT specialist, Trainer, Coach

During my college years I was a member of the ‘Budavári Schönherz Stúdió’, a tv/radio studio operated entirely by students. I worked first as an edit producer then became editor in chief. Later on I was responsible for creating and managing lectures about content editing for the newcomers. I already was interested in development processes at the time but I started working as an editor and reporter in Hungarian TV shows first. Communication was always an important part of my life and during my ten years long carrier in TV shows I’ve learned lots of its aspects and how to embed those into other areas of my work and life. Collaboration with other people was the other thing I’ve gained experience in during my casting works. This was why I decided to start learning coaching after seeking for new studies. At Arthur Hunt my job is to coordinate training and development processes. In my free time I like to do volunteer jobs at ‘Bátor Tábor’.


  • Trainer diploma – VistaVerde
  • Coach diploma
  • ELTE TÓFK – Communication and cultural management faculty

Professional expertise

  • Coaching, outplacement
  • Leadership and talent development programs
  • Team building trainings

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