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Companies today are facing tremendous challenges and undergoing fundamental transformations. From family-owned enterprises to large multinational organizations, our clients are part of the changing global landscape impacted by trends such as digitalization, emerging and converging technologies, and new revenue and business models. Most importantly for us, they are seeking alternative methods and new solutions when it comes to managing and attracting the best talent.

Thanks to our unique, multi-industry mindset and interdisciplinary consulting approach, we are able to take a sophisticated, holistic approach to finding the right blend of talent, while inspiring and challenging our clients to implement best-in-class solutions.


Action and Support during the COVID-19 pandemic

Arthur Hunt would like to ensure you about our support in these difficult days. We would like to help you to improve your organization, so please, look at the following options, which may help you to get through these tough times.


Intézkedés és támogatás (COVID-19 járvány idején)

Az Arthur Hunt szeretné biztosítani Önöket támogatásáról. Szervezetük fejlesztése érdekében tekintsék meg a következő lehetőségeket, melyek átlendíthetnek az aktuális nehézségeken.


Talent & Leadership

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“Just because You haven’t found your talent yet, doesn’t mean You don’t have one”

Coach For Progress Coach Course

24. September - 04. February, 2020

The Coach for Progress coach is designed for managers and professionals working in the business world who want to use hands-on, practical tools to develop their own coaching skills by using [...]

Management 3.0 workshop

Arthur Hunt / Online
02-03. November, 2020

Management 3.0 is an agile based leadership development methodology, which provides leaders and managers practical, well-applicable and visual toolkit proven in agile environment.

PCM® Training

Arthur Hunt / Online
27-28. October, 2020

Are you looking for your better self? Would you like to communicate better? Do you look for keys to resolving conflicts? Would you love quickly applicable tools?

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About us

Arthur Hunt has provided tailor-made and flexible executive search, HR development and leadership/talent management solutions since 1991.

We believe that the success of any company is founded on the skills and dedication of its people.

We also insist that only highest quality is good enough to support our clients in building skilled, efficient and up-to-date organizations, in both the national and international environment.

We help our clients find and develop outstanding leaders who are able to build, retain and inspire their teams.

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