• Direct search at senior and middle management level
  • Full market overview
  • Reaching and attracting the best executives
  • Assisting our clients throughout the search process
  • Evaluating candidates
  • Monitoring on-boarding and performance during the first year
  • Focusing on timing, confidentiality, service quality, discrete contacting
  • Saves time by providing external talent pipeline always at hand
  • Builds and provides accessible talent pool of high potential candidates
  • Constant screening and nurturing of a specified talent pool
  • Provides continuously available service – up to 24 months
  • Builds engagement, positive brand image and network on the market
  • Saves recruiting time by offering proactive approach to screen available talents
  • Provides market snapshot with potential hiring alternatives
  • Provides market information before making the actual hiring decision
  • Solution to fill sensitive or difficult-to-fill positions or for positions not yet decided
  • Focuses on a specific market and talent pool
SME Succession Planning
  • Arthur Hunt helps its SME clients in their transition period
  • Finds and attracts the best executives to take over management of the company
  • Finds the best cultural and interpersonal fit with the SME client
  • Able to attract experienced leaders from international companies willing to transfer their knowledge to a local SME
  • We follow the transition project for one year
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